Students Give the Waring to Anchor Ravi and Anchor Sreemukhi in Patas Program what this video


Students Give Waring to Anchor Ravi and Sreemukhi in Patas Program on Thursday students special for more details watch this video.

Now days Patas Tv show in very famous because of Anchor Ravi and Anchor Sreemukhi.

This show is coming on every monday to friday previously.

But recently they are broadcasting on Saturday also in this show main plus point is students.

Patas show encouraging the new talented people in students as well as outside people also.

Students Give Waring to Anchor Ravi

Patas show is famous for standup comedy in this show everyday different different programs and different will come and participate on the patas stage.

Students Give Waring

In this show students special episode Anchor Ravi and Sreemukhi beating the students when they didn’t do the dance steps well or any double meaning punches.

This show is mainly based on comedy and Punch pataka.

Anchors given on topic to students after that students giving the funny punches and answers.

This show is Broadcasting in ETV plus channel. Because of Patas show so many young stars coming on to the stage for doing the performance.

Right now this is one of the best famous and good show running successfully.