Latest Viral short film in YouTube Mr. Kitkat production’s ‘DREAM’ released on Today Watch it Now


Now a days, short films became a place where youngsters are exposing there talents. There were thousands of short films uploaded to YouTube. But only few short films are achieving awards, rewards or compliments. There are many people who achieved great fame and moved to serials and movies.

In recent times, Mr.kitkat productions, an YouTube channel released a short film with the name ‘DREAM’ which became so popular and viral in YouTube.

Story : An youngster, to save his father, try for money from his friends and gets failed in every attempt to get atleast a single rupee. He understood how the society is.. Finally, he saves his father.



Latest Viral short film YouTube Mr. Kitkat production’s ‘DREAM’

Latest Viral short film YouTube Mr. Kitkat production's 'DREAM'

This story runs on a pipeline with the proverb of Dr.A.P.J Abdul kalam who stated about the Dream.

‘DREAM’ is not what you see in sleep.. ‘DREAM’ is the thing which does not let you sleep.

The story focus on how the young boy made his dreams come true, how he saved his father and how he achieved a great fame.