Funniest Indian Marriage Ever and Ever Watch this Video Exclusively For You


Funniest Indian Marriage Ever and Ever Watch this Video I love India, its people and amazing culture! – I fully respect their traditions and customs but I can’t think of a more miserable life than living with someone who you don’t love or want to be with! – Being forced to do anything is beyond my understanding.poor woman-she’s marrying a footloose.

he will run away again.This type of Marriages Also happens in Pakistan, sometimes.It might seem funny but that is exactly how every groom feels when he is about to get married. Why blame the poor soul? At least he is not hiding his real feelings.

Story goes like this , they are in for 10 years, the boy due to his family disapproval refused to marry and broke the relation ship, so called youth of the street got the boy and forced him to marry.

Funniest Indian Marriage

Funniest Indian Marriage

The way he act at that moment made me a lot of lough. But on the part of media and mob you are absolutely right.He was in relationship with the girl and they also ran away. But he refused to marry at the last moment.

In Indian society once you run away with a guy, hardly anyone will be ready to marry the girl. So the society people asked him to marry her any way.

That’s why he is crying.Why in the world would she want to marry someone that obviously didn’t want to marry her? I’d flip him the bird, and go find someone better. What a weird weird wedding.