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BBB First Agarwood Ecological Camp, BBB Established in 2016, BBB Success Academy has succeeded in training more than 3000 participants nationwide.

Our participants were from all walks of life, with big dreams and ambition to succeed. Now, BBB Success Academy has developed its teaching materials and it is available in the cloud. This bridges the students with our leaders, allowing them to acquire knowledge conveniently.

BBB First Agarwood Ecological Camp

BBB Success Academy serves as a platform for every aspired individual to make their BBB business as their first step towards a successful career.

Unlike any other regular institutions, we believes in practical application over the learning of theories.

By learning and understanding the BBB business model, you will be able to implement the skills you acquired and practice it in any real life scenarios.

BBB First Agarwood Ecological Camp

BBB First Agarwood Ecological Camp

The innovative curriculum and progressive modules in BBB Success Academy will allow you to learn how to cope with the daily competitions and challenges faced by our leaders.

We prioritize practicality, personal reflection and individual transformation. We also provide corporate and professional development training for all who wish to have an extra edge to surpass their competitors presently or in the future.

Effective, trustworthy and trailblazing, BBB Success Academy is the knowledge hub that will guide you to the peak of success!

BBB First Agarwood Ecological Camp

BBB Success Academy founder Dr. Tony Yap is a billion dollar corporate business owner who empowers people with his astute foresight.

He believes that in order to succeed, one must constantly undergoes self-improvement as part of their personal growth.