Watch This Video After Watching of Baahubali 2The Conclusion Movie Here Is the reaction of All our Actors


Actors Reaction after Watching of Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Movie Watch this Video Exclusively.

Prabhas Rana Anushka Shetty and Tamanna Baahubali 2 The Conclusion Review Came Out Watch it Now .

Anushka is daughter of kattappa who is a loyal servant to Mahishmathi kingdom.

Both Raana and Prabhas fell in love with her.

But Anushka rejects Raana and feels Prabhas is suitable person for her.

Sivagaami who is very strict in ruling Mahishmati kingdom rejects the Love with a low caste girl and also sends a warning to kattappa.

Kattappa aslo tries to stop his daughters relationship with Baahubali, who would sworn as a King of Mahishmathi, in near future.

keeping this caste crap aside prabhas will marry Anushka.

Actors Reaction After Watching of Baahubali 2 Movie

ivagaami who doesnt like relation with a low caste girl opposes prabhas to sworn as king of Mahishmati and turns in favour of Raana.

With the poisonous words of nazar and Raana, Shivagaami becomes cruel, and orders Kattappa to kill Prabhas.

Kattappa who is a loyal servant to the dynasty obeys the order and kills Baahubali even though was his Son in law.

After the death of Baahubali, Raana becomes the king of mahishmati, instead of kind hearted, peoples favorite, Anushka.

Hearing that Anushka is giving a birth to Baahubali’s child, Nazar and Raana plans to kill the child to clear their way for better and safe future.

By hearing their plan, shivagami is shocked and opposes to do that for bahubali’s infant.Nazar and Raana opposes her and tells her to be quite in this matter.

Actors Reaction after watching of Baahubali 2
Knowing their bad plan in killing of Baahubali, prisoning Anushka, and now, of killing Baahubali’s son, She feels guilty and decides to save the baby.

In the process of saving the child, Shivagaami succeeds even though she loses her life by drowning.

Kattappa is still serving the king because he is bound to his morale of serving the king,

no matter who the king is.

All the gorella groups, Aslam khan(KICHA SUDEEP), Kattappa and Shivudu, attack on Ballaladeva and conquers the empire and rescues Anushka.

This story of “BAHUBALI 2” is leaked directly from the sets of this movie.

Go enjoy the hard work of Baahubali 2, in 2016.

But dont break your head till then, wondering why kattappa killed bahubhali.